Famous Monkey Island Cần Giờ Ho Chi Minh Vietnam

can gio monkey island

At Can Gio District just south of Ho Chi Minh City lies Can Gio’s most famous attraction – Monkey Island (Lam Vien Can Gio), which is a 2,000 hectare sanctuary to hundreds of wild macaques. For a small fee (30,000VND for locals and 60,000VND for foreigners) you can explore this part of the Can Gio’s vast mangrove forest, take pictures with monkeys, see a Viet Cong jungle base, and even feed salt water crocodiles.

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There are nearly 1,500 monkeys divided into 7 separate troops and each troop occupies its own territory in the park. The mating season runs from September to November and the monkeys give birth in June.

Can Gio’s Monkeys Are Fearless

The monkeys at monkey island are use to tourists because of the numerous tour groups that visit Can Gio everyday. These monkeys will steal your purse, glasses, and especially any food you may have so hold on to your possessions very carefully.

wild can gio monkeys in vietnam

Salt Water Crocodile Sanctuary

salt water sanctuary can gio

Another part of Monkey Island is the salt water crocodile sanctuary. This is a fenced off section where 20 crocodiles live together. Here tourists can pay a small fee to feed them.