Cảng Sa Kỳ – Sa Ky Port In Quang Ngai

Sa Kỳ Port is a seaport located in Binh Chau Town in Quang Ngai province. It is here where you catch a ferry to Ly Son Island.

sa ky port

Sa Ky Port & Ferry Terminal

In order to purchase a ferry ticket to Ly Son Island, you must have the appropriate identification – Vietnamese need their local ID cards and foreigners will need their passports. One way fares to Ly Son Island cost 105,000VND. Ferry’s depart from Sa Ky Port at 7:30am and 8:00am in the morning and 1:00pm in the afternoon.

sa ky ferry to ly son island

ferry to ly son island vietnam

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ferry ticket to ly son island from sa ky

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Photos of Sa Ky

cang sa ky
sa ky port in quang ngai
sa ky port, quang ngai
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sa ky to ly son
sa ky port in vietnam

Sa Ky Market

There is a market near Sa Ky Port (Cho Bo Dap Binh Chau) where you can purchase fresh Ly Son garlic, goose eggs, and other local specialties. This local market is also a great place to try simple Vietnamese dishes such as Bánh xèo.

cho sa ky quang ngai
cho sa ky
sa ky quang ngai market
sa ky market in quang ngai province
sa ky
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