Hon Son Island

Located in the Gulf of Thailand, Hon Son Island (Hòn Sơn) is the largest island in Kien Hai district of Kien Giang Province, Vietnam . Although not as popular as nearby Nam Du or the more popular Phu Quoc, the mountainous island of Hon Son is blessed with rich biodiversity, beaches, fresh water from springs, as well as numerous scattered coral reefs.

hon son island in Vietnam

Hon Son Island Beaches

The best beach on Hon Son Island is Bai Bang, as the sand here is soft, clean, and the ocean is calm making it perfect for swimming. Nearby you will also find a few freshwater springs that may be of interest to you.

hon son island beaches

How To Get To Hon Son Island

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Hon Son Island is 1.5 hours from Rach Gia and is only accessible by ferry. Two ferry companies service the island, namely Ngoc Thanh and Superdong.

Ngoc Thanh Ferry:

  • Ticket: 135,000VND one way
  • Rach Gia – Hon Son: 8h05 (Hon Son to 9.30)
  • Hon Son – Rach Gia: 1:30 (to Rach Gia 3h)

SuperDong Ferry

    • Ticket: 90,000VND
    • Rach Gia – Hon Son: 7h20 (8h45 to Hon Son)
    • Hon Son to Rach Gia 12.45

Most ferries to Nam Du will stop off here to drop off passengers. There are also slow ferries available which will allow you to transport your motorbike. Hon Son Island is perfect location for a day trip or a Kien Giang Island hopping tour.