Cu Chi Wildlife Rescue Station

In Cu Chi District, one of the districts that is part of Ho Chi Minh City, you will find the Cu Chi Wildlife Rescue Station. The Cu Chi Wildlife Rescue Station is a rehabilitation center for animals that have been rescued in Vietnam. The station has roughly 500 animals and these animals are taken care of by the staff who work here. The animals who end up here usually arrive as part of a rescue initiative in conjunction with various Vietnamese local governments, NGO’s, and individual people.


cu chi wildlife rescue station


Some of these rescued animals include those that have been hurt in the wild by man, those rescued from various exotic meat restaurants found throughout the country, illegal pets, and those confiscated from the illegal animal trade industry. As of 2016 this center is technically not open to the public. If you are interested in visiting this center you should call ahead and make an appointment.


cu chi wildlife rescue station in saigon
cu chi wildlife rescue center
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cu chi wildlife rescue


Please note that the Cu Chi Wildlife Rescue Station is not a tourist attraction and the staff that works there are taking care of the animals and the facility as their daily job. They do not have much knowledge about the animals that are present. This place is also not suitable for small children as there are many animals that roam free and will make a personal encounter with you.

Address: 50 An Nhon Tay TL15 Cu Chi, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
Hours of operation: Vary so call ahead but usually 7:30am to 11:30am | 1:00pm to 4:30pm
Fee: 100,000 per person to 200,000VND per person depending on season. If you are part of a Cu Chi Tunnel and Chu Chi Wildlife Rescue Station Tour, expect to pay 200,000VND per person.

Cu Chi Wildlife Rescue Station Tour

Most of the animals here consist of different species of monkeys but you will also find various birds, reptiles, bears, wild cats and otters. The following are the animals that are present at the Cu Chi Wildlife Rescue Station in Vietnam:

Moon Bear:

moon bear in vietnam
cu chi wildlife rescue station tour

Sun Bear

sun bear in vietnam

Pygmy Loris

*You can find these on Phu Quoc
pygmy loris in vietnam

Slow Loris

slow loris

Black Shanked Douc

black shanked douc in vietnam
black shanked douc


gibbon in vietnam


owl in vietnam

Mouse Deer

mouse deer in vietnam


otters in vietnam
otters in vietnam


wildcat in vietnam

Monitor Lizard

monitor lizard in vietnam



Giant Squirrel

giant squirrel in vietnam


oriental pied hornbill

Green Sea Turtle





porcupine in vietnam


How To Get To Cu Chi Wildlife Rescue Station

By car or motorbike: The easiest way for us to explain how to get to the Cu Chi Wildlife Rescue Station from Ho Chi Minh City is to tell you to use Google Maps and search for “Ben Duoc Cu Chi Tunnels”. The wildlife station is located close to this big tourist attraction. From Saigon, take Cach Mang Thang Tam street north and pass the Tan Son Airport. This street will turn into Quoc Lo 22 highway (QL22 on Google Maps). Keep an eye out for the “THIS WAY TO CU CHI TUNNEL” signs and from QL22 make a right onto Nguyen Thi Ranh street (TL7 on Google Maps). Travel up this road until you reach Tinh Lo 15 Street (TL15 on Google Maps) and make a left. This is the same route that will take you to the Ben Duoc Cu Chi Tunnels and the center is located about 8 minutes from this intersection.

By bus: From the Ben Thanh bus station terminal in District 1, which is located directly across from the famous Ben Thanh Market, takes bus #4 and get off at the An Suong terminal. From the An Suong bus terminal take bus #122 and get off at the next terminal on Tan Qui Cross road. Then take bus # 70 to Ben Suc and get off at the Cu Chi Wildlife Rescue Station (Cu Chi ranger office).

The total travel time is about 1:45 minutes.

*We want to reiterate that the Cu Chi Wildlife Rescue Station is not a tourist attraction like it use to be nor is it a zoo. If you love animals and plan on visiting here, please consider more than the minimum amount.