Can Gio Beach

can gio beach

Located about 50 kilometers from Saigon, approximately 1 hour away from most of Ho Chi Minh City’s districts, lies Can Gio Island – a district famous for its vast mangrove forests which is also a UNESCO listed biosphere reserve. At the end of Can Gio you will find a large stretch of a wild and undeveloped beach.

can gio beach can gio beach

can gio beach can gio seafood

Although the beach itself does not compare to the turquoise water, white sands of Phu Quoc , Nha Trang, and Con Dao, it is worth a visit if you need a break from city life. Can Gio beach is also a great place to view Vung Tau, forage for your own food with locals at sunrise, and try some of the cheapest seafood dishes in Vietnam. There are plenty of hotels and resorts as well, in case you want to stay the night.

can gio beach near saigon

How To Get To Can Gio Beach

You can easily get to Can Gio Beach from Ho Chi Minh City by either taking a bus, joining a tour, or by taking your motorbike down to the island.

By Bus: From Ben Thanh Market, take a bus to Nha Be. This bus will stop at one side of the Binh Khanh Ferry Terminal. From here, you would buy a ticket (1,500VND) to go on the ferry that will take you across the Nha Be river. Once you get to the other side, you will then take another bus in order to get to the beach.

Can Gio Tour: You can also visit Can Gio by joining one of the many day tours that are offered. Just go to any travel agency and inquire about 1 or 2 day tours to Can Gio.

By Motorbike: Taking a motorbike or motorcycle is one of the easiest ways to reach Can Gio Beach. From Nguyen Van Linh Boulevard in District 7, turn right to Huynh Tan Phat Street and go to the end of this street. At the end of this street you will find the Binh Khanh Ferry. Buy a ticket (4,500VND for motorbike) and once you arrived at the other side, just ride straight down the street until you reach a roundabout. Make a left at the roundabout and on your right hand side you will find the street that will take you to Can Gio Beach, also called 30/4 Beach. Using google maps will help you as well.

At Can Gio Beach, the shells look like stars on the sand….

can gio beach

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